Like most of the material goods in use, the kennel your dog, should be subjected to maintenance.
As a minimum you must thoroughly clean the house of the dog once a year and make the appropriate repairs derived from wear and tear, accidental damage or atmospheric phenomena.
Before starting maintenance, verify the absence of leaks inside the doghouse.
The first thing to do is to clean the inside of the kennel: it is necessary to empty the shed blankets, mats , straw or any other item, and make a full cleaning, using brush, shovel and / or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt such as hair, pebbles, earth, etc. 
Then, if necessary, will be replaced and / or repaired damaged parts of the interior as may be parts of the bottom or walls.
Once the repairs can also be applied to specific products to disinfect and prevent infestation of pests like fleas and ticks.
Any mats, blankets, straw and other bedding will be placed again after washing and / or replaced.
Once rearranged the mats and / or blankets washed , maintenance and internal cleaning is completed , you will return therefore have to use the kennel for the dog.
The exterior maintenance can be done without haste , depending on the time available of owner (the maintenance phases can be doing in days), without creating major disruption to you and your dog.
Follow the following steps:
1) We proceed to the general cleanliness of the kennel removing earth, hair and other dirt from walls, roof and bottom.
2) repair any damage such as holes, cuts and cracks. You can replace broken items , or use a filler for the wood to close the holes and cracks (in this case prevent your dog has contact with the stucco).
3) Gently rub the entire surface of the wooden kennel with an abrasive pad to encourage greater adherence of the treatment and / or painting .
4) Remove the remaining dust with a damp surfaces abraded (you can also use a compressor and / or vacuum).
5) You apply a protective primer with color of the kennel or transparent. It should make at least two passes over the entire surface, then you have to mantain the kennel to dry outdoors as long as necessary (depending on the temperature, wind, humidity, etc.). During the step of applying and drying the dog must not be in contact with the kennel.
Any moving parts such as hinges of the roof , latches and mechanisms of overhead doors, they can be lubricated with a few drops of oil.
The maintenance phase can be done any time of year although it is recommended in autumn, prepare your home for your dog to the rigors of winter.
These tips are applicable on all wooden kennels of FARMAKER.