All dogs are adapted to search for truffles, if you made a good training .
The training of the truffle dog starts as a puppy at least three months of age and less than a year .
The duration of the training depends on the intensity and the preparation of the dog, typically lasts from three to six months.
It should make nice to the dog , the training phase , and treat with care the puppy .
It will define at least three areas of ground with an area of about 15 m2 each, to be used alternately.
They prepare the pieces of dried cheese and hide in the grass evenly in the areas of training (the dog will not participate in this phase).
Then you bring the dog training areas and stimulates the search of the cheese.
Once found, the cheese will be given to the dog as a reward together with a caress , a repeat of this phase allows research associate with the food / reward.
Subsequently prepare little bags of cloth (the size of a walnut) and fill it with a piece of cheese and pieces of truffle that will be closed with string.
These bags are to be buried in scattered areas of research, up to 5 cm below ground.
After about an hour you can bring your dog training areas and begin the search.
Once the bag this will be collected and the dog will be rewarded with a piece of cheese and a caress.
Progressively in the bags will be added a greater amount of truffle and reduced the amount of cheese , until the contents of the bag consist solely of truffle.
When the dog has gained a good experience and carries out activities with skill, will be ready to search for truffles in the production areas .
The different steps must be repeated with patience until they perform to perfection by the dog.
It can achieve 2 to 5 daily sessions of 15-30 minutes, how many more days can during the week.
The completion of the training the dog continues with practice in research.
A majority practice (experience) in the research, are (usually) better results.