The hedgehog is a small mammal covered with spines in the upper part of the body.
To protect themselves from predators closes in on itself, forming a sphere covered with thorns.
The hedgehog is nocturnal and goes into hibernation during the winter.
The hedgehog diet is omnivorous in nature, it feeds primarily on insects and fruits that research on the ground during the night.
The hedgehog has an insatiable appetite , especially in the period prior to hibernation and ingests a large amount of food in relation to its weight.
It's a curious animal and dynamic , but apparently clumsy moves with agility.
If you feel the presence of hazards moved away or withdraws himself.
The interaction with people occurs after a long period of time, once the Hedgehog takes confidence and associates the person with the food.
If kept in captivity can be fed with dry food for cats, apples and pears. It is delicious morsels of meat for dogs or cats.
To pick up a rich locked on itself it is preferable to adopt gloves and then you can gently lift with both hands.
During the day the curls lie hidden in shelters, prefer basement areas with small revenue that impede access to predators such as foxes.
To keep a hedgehog in captivity you must have a cage expands and features a den where you can hide, water trough and manger.
The cleaning of the cage and a good litter the bottom are necessary for the welfare of the hedgehog.