The compost is the result of the life cycle.
Composting is a process of transformation of organic matter in soil rich in nutrients.
Useful elements to produce compost are the composter and the mixer.
In every house you can self-produce high quality compost, to live in a more sustainable way, reducing waste to landfill or incinerator.
The domestic use of a composter allows us to obtain soil of excellent quality, and at no cost.
Consider that on average for every 10 kg of organic waste produces about 3 kg of compost.
In the presence of animals, edible organic residues are primarily intended for animal feed, while those unusable can be deposited in the composter.
The optimal location of the composter is in the garden, with the bottom in contact with the ground to drain the excess liquid waste and facilitate the passage of microorganisms.
If you do not have a garden, it is convenient to install the composter on the terrace using a saucer or bowl, to feel the leachate.
Any excess liquid may be collected and discharged into the composter to seep back in the residuals.
The composting cycle varies from 2 to 6 months depending on the composition of the waste and by environmental conditions.
It is possible to identify the mature compost when it becomes dark brown, and it does smell of the forest.
Once placed the composter, organic waste as remnants of vegetables, food scraps, etc. . shall be deposited in the composter along with other organic waste products in the home such as grass and leaves.
Periodically remove the waste with the mixer to circulate the air also in the deeper layers.
If possible, we recommend shredding residue , especially woody ones.
The composting process does not produce odors.
If there are stench is mainly due to excess moisture that can be solved by adding more dry matter and / or stirring the residue.
The composting process is completely natural and can be favored maintaining the conditions of temperature, humidity and aerobic optimal for the growth of bacteria responsible for the process.
The compound sporadic compost, the addition of water and the provision of optimal composter are the only activities necessary to obtain a soil quality with our waste.
The compost should be collected in the bottom of compostadore and can be used as substrate for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and vegetable.