The quality poster is prepared to make known to our visitors the process of producing FARMAKER, quality control and the raw materials used.
All of our items are crafted one by one, in our laboratory (100% MADE IN ITALY).
The machines for woodworking guarantee a great dimensional accuracy.
The production of the piece begins with the preparation of the raw materials according to the Product Data Sheet.
The next step is cutting wood and constituent assembly.
As a last step is realized painting by hand (if any).
Most of the products are mounted to verify:
- The estimated size;
- Ease of assembly;
- The non-existence of defects;
After the verification phase the product is disassembled and packed with the respective instructions of montaggioe accessory kit (if any).
Most of the first is of Italian or European origin.
The wood used is of excellent quality.
In the case of products made to measure (or on customer specifications), the applicant may use Remote entire production process, keeping in collaboration with our operators and by sending pictures of the product being processed; once the production is the same as the client who saw good for shipping upon receipt of the final photo of the assembled product.
As a last point we can highlight our service free technical phone support for installing products.