You can make a request for a kennel my dog ​​like that in the photo , but on my dog ​​25 kg .

The kennel can be done , you should tell me the measures A, B , C and D in the drawing that I attach to them a no obligation quote . I apologize , but I do not mean what should be the measure of stairs or other right steps , but I can say that the bed must be at 1 , 20 m and the side of 0 , 80 m . No more small , because the dog is 25 kg , and hail and like them sleep with the belly up ! I'm not interested containers under the bed . According to his directions , we can recommend a kennel with indoor access and high bed with ladder steps of A = 150 B = 60 C = 120 D = 120 . The quote for the kennel of this size , no bowls and portaciotole in part under the bed ascends as written in his email .