The fence cage is beautiful, just a note: the turtles dig the soil and can get away ... we should put the wire mesh also on the base and then on the earth, also in my opinion to be perfect, in addition to the advice already given, the the walls should be made of wood in the lower part (1/3 of the timber wall and the remaining with the network that is already there), in order to avoid that the turtles climb, and even if they can not escape, they can hurt themselves falling once reach the top, or break their nails in the mesh network. The size should be evaluated based on the number and size of specimens housed. For those who see in the picture, I would have given more space.

Thanks to write us! Certainly we can improve the fence and we are grateful for his advice as expert in the field. As soon we send us detailed measurements we'll get a no obligation quote for the cage with wooden walls and the closed end fund with the network as described.