Hello, I am interested in a swinging door for dogs, I have a boxer, I think the door size Large is fine, since they are not given the total size please? I enclose the port measures. I remain available for any questions or information. Good evening, thank you for the measures, it's me that I had not looked good .... Anyway, I saw that you could also do a job tailored to need that I have. Basically I have a beautiful well-made wooden doghouse but, for the winter I decided to put this kennel in a home-box like the one you have on the site, in the box in black and white. It 'similar to the one that I would like to enter the kennel during the winter. Attached is a picture of the kind of home-box that seems ideal to me, would serve with the following measures: - internal width 122 cm - ideal Working length 230 cm - 200 cm height ideal useful - Base 5-6 - would use natural untreated wood - Porticina tilting your, XL size installed already installed low on the front door - Plexiglas window on the top of the front door NB. I have no choice for the measures, because the kennel is currently under a porch-hall, I can not enlarge too much but, the length is good, since the whole kennel with roof is 150 cm long, 80 cm so would advance to the 'entry. I imagined a removable home-box in the summer keeping the fixed base. I hope she's all clear, if he needs any other information write me as well or call on the phone. In reference to his e-mail and subsequent telephone conversation, the submit our quotation for the supply of: -BOX WOODEN DOG "A CONTAINER" with outer length outer width 230 cm X 126 cm (about 122 internal) X height 200 cm . Roof wooden floor without waterproofing. The structure rests on a base coupled with the zinc plates, to avoid displacements. Access door on the narrow side of 80 cm x 180 cm (height) of complete closing latch, wide window Plexiglas in the upper half and BIDI pre overhead door installed 35 cm x 70 cm at the bottom (aligned to a side door, with infill panel to complete the closure). 20 mm thick structure. base 30 mm thick.