Good morning, I'm interested in the doghouse, Zeus model, I would have some informatios to ask yourself, before buying. I would like understand if the insulation is also available for this model, into account that the product is not indicated. I would also like to know the size of the entry of the doghouse Zeus, and figure out which curtain PVC can buy and finally if the entry front panel can be chosen right or left entry.

Thank you in advance for the answers that you provide me. Hello and thank you to write us! In reference to wooden kennel for large dogs, ZEUS model, we can offer the external insulation as proposed kit (must choose a size XXL - MAXI) and as far as the door of the standard measures are approximately 40 cm x 80 cm. however you can also choose a measure adapted to the requirements of his dog. If also you need the curtain can choose the size you prefer and we adapt the door of the curtain, no extra charge, also for positioning the entry we can make it either on the right or the left, at no extra charge (you only need to indicate it in the order). The detailed measurements, of the kennel and the curtain, are available in the data sheets, for download on the site of FARMAKER. Finally I would advise you to register on the site, because we provided additional discounts for registered customers and we also offer different delivery modes.