I would like to open a chicken farm how can I do? To open un'allevamento of chickens you have to consider first of all that it is an economic activity like any other, where you have to assess the market you're targeting, availability you're willing to invest, the skills and experience you have in the field and so on.
Furthermore, being live animals, you have to consider that they need a constant availability of time every day of the year.
If you do not have specific experience in the sector, it would be appropriate that you informassi in an association / organization category in your area on regulations to comply with, any funding and specific requirements, you can find more information even use the page of the European Economic Community on 'breeding chickens.
Therefore, we recommend to realize first of all a complete business plan of the project to assess its viability.
As for the facilities we can help you through wooden chicken coops and accessories of our production, exclusively oriented to organic farming on the ground with particular attention to animal welfare.
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