I need to create two pens for cats, one of a limited size for the small garden to the lake and one a bit 'bigger for my home.
The most urgent would be for the lake, where I will spend most of the summer period.
I would be grateful if you could send me the quote for a fence of about 3 x 3 meters, covered with door, with the possibility of internal shelves, using of course your standard modules for delivery in Italy. Please also tell me the terms of delivery.

The reference to her request we submit our quotation for the supply of the following items:
- Cage for cat with waterproofed roof to a pitched and dimensions of 300 cm. (Width) X 300 Cm. (Length) x 200 cm (maximum height) x 180 Cm. (minimum height). in high quality fir wood frame with galvanized wire mesh (1.2 cm x 1.2 cm). It includes port 60 Cm. X 160 Cm. with galvanized steel clamping bolt fitting for a padlock (not included). Inside the fence you will be housed shelves and/or accessories to the game, movement and rest of cats according to the customer's specifications.