Good morning, having put Gettulio inside the house, you have not thought withdrawable units x bowls and litter box?.. It would be possible to have them?

The cage for cats Gettulio model can be integrated with numerous accessories such as shelves, scratching post, bowls, toilets, games and anything else necessary to improve the welfare of his cats and maximum convenience for those who they should occupy.
As for his request, we are therefore able to furnish the enclosure for felines full Gettulio of drawers for bowls and litter.
To receive a free quote, please send us a drawing with a detailed description of how the product would:
- Size and shape of the cage;
- Number, size and position of the drawers for bowls of food and water;
- Number and dimensions of the drawers for the extraction of the litter;
- Any other accessories of interest to be integrated into the cage
I inform you that our products are handcrafted (100% made in Italy) using the best materials and taking care of every detail.