Good morning, I really like the kennel HERA. I would like it for my labrador dog - pregnant. But I do not know how far it would be more appropriate. I would also use the kennel for childbirth and rearing pups. I looked at the measures but are undecided how far to take, could give me some advice please? What are delivery times ??

The wooden kennel for dogs HERA model is one of the most versatile and has an excellent quality / price ratio. It has sunroof and elevator feet and is built by hand in high quality fir wood to ensure a long service life.

As for the choice of the correct size of the kennel, must take measurements of lying dog and choose the size of the kennel closest (always opt for the excess in case of doubt), but here is the report a page with more information:


Regarding the delivery time can insert the products of his interest in the cart and follow the instructions and it will list the possible delivery time before concluding the process and without the need to confirm the order.

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