Hi, I saw the house x dwarf goats for sale on the site, not having seen the interior photos you wonder if in can be a little hay rack, if you by any chance even if you sell it, can accommodate 2 Tibetan goats?

The cottage for miniature goats MANFRONA is adequate to accommodate two Tibetan goats and can be completed with accessories available in our website or made according to customer needs. We actually made the supply of houses larger and complete inside boxes, feeders, watering hole, cribs Hay and with access to outdoor runs.
In this case the housing of a rack for hay within the standard hut, is also possible six substantially reduce the internal dimensions available for the goats, also the relocation of the hay and grass will be inconvenient for the operator who must deal with the care and feeding of the animals.

To obviate these drawbacks, we thought to propose two different solutions:

- Arrangement of a wooden hay rack around an outer side of the house with the respective extension of the slope of the roof to repair the hay or grass on rainfall.
This option has an extra cost of 69 € (excluding VAT).

- Construction of a larger house (120 x 120 x 120 cm. Instead of 100 x 100 x 100 cm.), Placing the highest window and setting the rack for hay inside the shelter in the front so it stays repaired and allow filling from the window or the door with greater convenience.
This option has a total cost (house of full extent of the rack) 468 € (excluding VAT) for the raw wood version (extra 5% for impregnation color dark walnut or extra 15% for painting of two hands with brush color your choice).

Sales conditions:

- Prices valid until 31.07.2015;
- Transport costs € 8 (Italian territory)
- Payment by bank transfer (-1%) or Paypal order;
- Shipment within 30 days from payment