As per telephone conversation with we hereby request your best offer including transportation costs Vs. product composed of ash and sand to Layers Hens.
As already specified in the phone above the ns. farm breeds Hens Layers of various breeds and ornamental, we would be interested to experience the product for Vs. eventually proceed then to more substantial purchases.
Currently we plan to try the purchase of No. 10 (ten) packs.

The mixture of ash and sand FARMAKER is particularly suitable for dry bagnetti volatile or as litter poultry houses and other shelters for animals.
It can be purchased online in our site, by entering the amount of his interest in the cart and then follow the instructions until the completion of the order.
The price refers to 1 Kg. And the package may vary depending on the amount of the order.
Before confirmation will display any discounts and additional costs such as shipping.
As for your case, since the company, we advise you to register for free in our website so that, by assigning the classification of corporate client, can take advantage of a discount scale based on the amount of the order.