I would like to know how many and great if 12:20 and easy to assemble with kindness a copy mounted thanks .....

The FARMAKER kennel made wood and personalized (cod. 00040) does not have measures in that it is an article that is made to measure and customer specifications.
The price shown is for reference only as the price field can not be empty.
Indeed it is a product that can not be added to the cart and then follow with the completion of the order as for the rest of our references.
As regards the ease of assembly of the kennel, also this will depend essentially on the type of kennel that purport to achieve, whereas in greater complexity of the drawing correspond (generally) of the longer assembly times.
If the kennel is not too large, we could also send it already assembled.
If result of his interest please send us a detailed description with the measures and if possible a design in order to prepare a no obligation quote for a kennel with the features they need.