Good morning, about the vegetable garden table would like to know if the wood is impregnated, possibly taking in the painted version, and if so it is suitable to stand in an uncovered terrace. I would also like to know whether the measures are standard or you can have it with your legs a bit 'longer. Thank you

The table on the terrace garden SIMBLA can be supplied in various sizes and colors.
As regards the treatment of wood, this is realized in all the colored versions, with the exception of "natural selection - unpainted" that indicates how the wording refers to the product supplied in raw wood, without any treatment (in this case it is necessary to apply the primer at home to use the product outdoors).
To summarize, the color choices have the following treatments:
- NATURAL - UNPAINTED -> Supply of raw wood garden table (application of a wood for outdoor use primer, by the customer).
- DARK WALNUT -> Supply of wooden garden table treated with impregnating protective non-toxic aqueous dark walnut base.
- REST OF COLORS -> Supply of wooden garden table treated with primer and two protective coats of water-based paint, manually applied with a brush.
For which all versions, except the natural can be used outside.
As regards the height of the legs, whereas each piece is hand made in our plant, we have no inconvenience to provide the table with legs of different height.
For legs up to 10 Cm. longer than the standard (thus up to a height of 90 cm. off the ground) does not apply supplements while that for heights of more than 90 cm. may consider an increase of 1 € per Cm. additional length of the legs.
Thanks, I need that the feet 80 are long, that is, that the base of the pan is at 80 cm from the ground. Not knowing what measures the pan do not know how much you have to stretch. For the rest it is fine to medium version, such measures. I was wondering if, since you build it you, you might not be applied to one of two deep 70 cm sides of the tablets in continuity with those that close the tray more or less to the ground (I use this table to cover L 'of the outdoor unit conditioner and on that side would be very visible). Then, looking at your site I saw that you have another very similar table, the prusto, that maybe it's better for me because from what I understand is school-L water by a kind of spout, which would enable me not to send her over the conditioner. What would it cost the prusto, impregnated and painted, with measurements and the changes that will always wonder if possible? Now of course I will sign up on the site ...

- As regards the height of the bottom tank 80 Cm. such as the tank height is 28 cm for size MEDIUM, it is expected to increase 18 € (VAT included).
- As regards the continuity of tablets, there are no problems, to provide the ortho table with the side "A" of 60 cm X 108 cm. closed with wood to the ground with a fee of 29 € (VAT included)
- As for the price of PRUSTO you can choose the type of variation of his interest and insert it into the shopping cart to see prices and discounts.

I apologize, I looked at the data sheet of prusto while I asked questions.
I will try to clarify the situation to prevent them from losing any more time ...
So: I would like a prusto size M, that is, one with size 110 to 70.
If possible I would only impregnated, coated and not because I believe that the posthumous maintenance is easier.
I want it with the side b, to 70 cm, extended down to the ground, the side in question should be the one from which comes out of the drainage nozzle, and with the tank bottom to 80 cm from the floor.
It can show the new surcharges for these changes? Thank you and sorry again.

The carryover prices for table GARDEN PRUSTO extent MEDIUM with impregnating protective color dark walnut with a height of the bottom pool by 80 cm. from the ground and closed with panels from 2 cm up to the ground of the narrow side with the exhaust nozzle.


If you agree with the quote, please tell me the type of chosen sconsegna for they can be the order into the system and send the confirmation for payment.