Good morning, I saw the product Domestic Composter wooden garden PACCIAMEX on offer with a discount of 43%. Why such a high discount? the product is free from defects?

Every day we propose a product in section deals and promotions to great during a period of about 30 days.
The products with special discounts are fully functional and have no defects.
The offers are limited to certain colors and / or sizes, with a limited number of pieces (usually 5 units maximum).
In your specific case the compost PACCIAMEX on offer is the extent LARGE CHERRY RED color with the availability of unique.
These offers are promotions that we realize constantly to promote our products and in some cases they refer to items that we are lacking photos and we have to make them.
Note that at the end of the promotion period, the price of that particular item will no longer be granted.
If daily controls the products on offer page you will see that every day the items change.
I take this opportunity to remind you that:
- All our products are handcrafted in our factory and are mounted to a quality control before being reassembled, packed and shipped.
- If you sign up on our site, you will be able to take advantage of special discounts for registered customers.