Good morning,
I would be interested in the aviary CIULLA but wondered if there was the possibility of modifying the measures 100x80x200 and if you could give me an estimate.
The aviary would serve to accommodate a pair of gliders that will arrive later this year.
Plenty of time.
Also I wondering if you had at least one design (project) you can view before purchase so as to evaluate the object.
Thank you for availability.

Thanks to write us!
To realize the aviary with the measures indicated there are not, however, problems as regards the estimate we would need to receive a drawing also approximate as want to realize the product.
You can do a sketch and send it to us by e-mail together with a detailed description.
Upon receipt of the complete information, we will proceed to develop and send a quote with no obligation.
Unfortunately we do not have the aviary of the project as implemented according to drawings and customer specifications.

Good morning,
I make one last question: when ordering will spend 45 days or solar for the arrival of the goods?
I'll have to provide the address of my house for the delivery, but I want to know if you can schedule the delivery or if the carrier can advise me because I'm away on business and I have to return specifically to pick up the item.
If the courier effettuasse deliveries are made after 17:30 no problem.
Thank you for availability

As for the shipping time, always refer to working days from the date of receipt of payment.
However takes into account that up to now about 80% to 45 days of orders have been processed in less than 15 working days although ensuring a shorter tassativa delivery can opt for other shipping options.
Regarding the delivery time for this depends on each carrier and each area and of which we are unaware, however, the possibility exists to enter the scheduled delivery, agreed with the carrier. You can choose the option at the time of issuing the order on the first page, click on the "ADDITIONAL SERVICES".