Some questions about the kennel for cats FOSFO:
And 'possible to have it with custom thick walls / roof / floor (eg 4 cm).
Which thickness is achieved with insulation kits provided / add?
E 'can fill the walls with additional insulation panels (eg. Polystyrene)?
And 'possible to equip it with a thermostatically controlled heater and its electrical connections?
They are available on your site pictures that illustrate views d 'and Detail (I found only a top view)?
And 'possible to have it in color natural wood (pre-impregnated)?


Using Google Chrome are able to also download the photos that you have already sent me.
I would ask a few clarifications regarding the kennel for cats FOSFO 80x55x60:
1. From the "dimensions and measures" file would seem that net internal dimensions of the kennel are 37x49; so it is ? Even those of the porch are 37x49?
2. The same file shows, for the pitch of the roof over the porch, an 'ride height that varies from 55cm to 60cm, that is only 7 ° slope, although the slope "perceived" looking at the sketch looks well more than 7 ° ; what is actually the slope?
3. E 'can move the divider between the doghouse and the porch in order to extend the first at the expense of the second (eg. By moving it 5 cm would be obtained for the 42x49 and 32x49 kennel for the veranda)?
4. If you use the kennel as a dormitory area / shelter and the veranda as dining / area needs, such as specific accessories are available for each zone (eg. Litter needs, bed etc.)?
5. The external wooden parts are pre-impregnated? if not, you can get them treated in this way (always natural wood)?
6. From the photos it seems that the internal insulation kit is chipboard; you can have this wooden kit?
7. E 'can be interposed between the outer walls (thickness of 2 cm) and the internal insulation kit (1 cm thick), further isolation in polystyrene (thickness 2cm) so that this is not visible and does not upset the overall functionality ? And 'possible to do the same thing for the roof?
8. Because in our garden we have a small wooden house whose roof is covered with red shingles, you can play the same way also the roof of the doghouse (mounting the Canadians over the standard sheath)?

I could do his best offer for the kennel FOSFO, dettagliandomi costs of optionals highlighted in green (of course if they are possible)?

In reference to his questions, the report below the answers:
1) from the external dimensions to find the internal measures, should always take 2 Cm. to each side that correspond to the thickness of the wood, in the "room doghouse" will remove 3 cm. from each side (2 cm. of thickness of the wood + 1 cm. of thickness of the insulation panels);
2) with regard to the slope of the roof is necessary to refer to the measures of the data sheet (H. max 60 cm. And H. Min. 55 cm.) It is possible that the photos shown are of a little house made with customer specifications measures, and that's why I can "feel" a different slope:
3) the outer dimensions do not change, there are no problems, we can build it (no extra charge) as per his instructions with the smallest and the largest sunroom kennel room;
4) the accessories depends on your requirements, generally it requires the bowl to food and water and the toilet which is still advisable to keep away from the area where the cat sleeps (try to see the model house "MINNIE");
5) you can choose the type of treatment of the external walls (by selecting the color) from the drop down menu Article: NATURAL (raw without any treatment), DARK WALNUT (or transparent) with one hand, protective layer, CHOICE OF COLORS (2 of water-based varnish applied by hand with a brush), if it is to keep the outside you need a primer or paint;
6) The insulation (for the hotel room kennel) is AGGLOMERATE and / or OSB, we can do it too was made of fir 1 cm thick with wood € 19.30 supplement (VAT included).
7) The insertion of panels in POLYSTYRENE (for kennel room only) between the structure and the insulation panel can be achieved with an additional € 59.80 (VAT included), not for the cost of the material but rather for more processing required;
8) Cover with red shingles above the standard roof and maintaining the ability of the roof opening, it is possible only with plastic or metal models (not clay) with a supplement of € 34.60 (VAT included).

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