Can you give me the internal dimensions for the "Wooden dog house veranda and sunroof NEGUS" in Mini-XXS versions, Extra Small and Small?

To calculate the internal measures must, in general, subtract 2 times the thickness of the wood from the outside dimensions.
As for the small wooden house with veranda NEGUS model dogs located the data sheet below:

Internal measures (with a tolerance of +/- 3 %) are as follows:
MINI XXS --> Width 36 Cm. X Depth 24 cm.x max 28 cm height. (Only kennel area without veranda 18 cm. X 24 cm.) .
EXTRA SMALL --> Width 49 Cm. X Depth 34 cm.x max 38 cm height. (Only kennel area without veranda 24 cm. X 34 cm.).
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