I would be interested in a lettino..ho read that the standard dimensions are 60 × 48x30 .. I do not know if could go bene..ho a francese..è Bulldog 50 cm long .... the cot would be the one with the hearts on the back.

If it refers to the wooden cot for dogs and cats such as "cradle" MITA model (Cod. 00065) I think it should be fine as a measure, however, if in doubt, we can build it slightly larger type 70 Cm. (Length) x 60 Cm. width of maintaining the height of 30 cm.
In this case can be considered a supplement of € 9 (VAT included) than the price shown on the website.
It is a very beautiful and sturdy cot which can be supplied in many colors to choose from, painted by hand with a brush, using non-toxic paints to water-based.
If result of his interest ourselves we can proceed to the insertion of the order, once it is registered on the site.
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