To require you to have the best offer for the construction of a wooden chicken coop with the following features:
• 4-5 hens Size (model type. Kekko, Gallipop)
• 9-10 m outer fence. with the base in the network, anti predators
• Two internal nests with eggs collected from the outside
• Pull out cleaning
• Accessories such as feeding and drinking, etc ...

Structure for shelter wooden hens with attached enclosure for a maximum capacity of 6 laying hens.

Refuge in grade spruce wood with treatment, protective layer of transparent or dark walnut, with total external dimensions of 125 cm. (Width) X 50 Cm. (Depth) X 100 cm (height max.) X 90 Cm. (Min.).
Lifting legs H = 50 cm.
Full front door ramp for access to the fence of the hens.
Waterproofed roof, opened the back for inspection and internal clarity.
internal support rods
grilled removable bottom from the back for maintenance and cleaning.
Internal double nest with little doors for the collection of eggs from outside, without having to open the chicken coop.
Price € 280

Fence made of spruce wood with treatment, protective layer and galvanized net-mesh, with total external dimensions of 125 cm (width) X 100 Cm. (Height) X 750 Cm. (Length) for a total external surface area of ​​9.40 m2.
Fund closed with galvanized welded and full perimeter barbed strip (with removable protection) 10 Cm. (Thickness 2 cm.) For for standard accommodation and intrusion protection as foxes and martens.
1,216 € Price

Accessories included with the preparation of the chicken coop / fence:
- No. 2 feeding bowls with hopper (tank and roof waterproofed) and waterproofed roof type "prissy" with special measures.
- No. 2 drinkers bottle holder to be placed inside the enclosure
- No. 1 small dry type "LIDO" complete compound of sand and ash.
78 € Price

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