Kennel for dogs prices. I'm looking for the kennels prices on the web dogs and let me know if you have to download a price list that shows the online sales price of each model, size and color.

On this subject we could talk endlessly as there are an infinite number of sites selling online kennels for dogs and also the prices of each model, size and color can vary greatly.
Unfortunately we do not have a downloadable price list and the price of each kennel can be found online in the respective product.
We would like to point out that the price of a good wooden doghouse essentially depends on the material used, the size of the nest and the labor required for its construction.
The majority of our kennels are made of high quality wood with thick, almost always double thickness respect to the main kennels import that are deployed in Italy.
This is a really important aspect to be considered for a realistic price comparison as it is possible that with a slightly higher price you can have a double thickness with respective increase in mechanical strength, thermal insulation and especially with a longer useful life of the house for dogs.
If you want to find the prices of our kennels you can see:


and choose the kennel model that you like or the cheapest, using the comparison tool and ordering patterns for the variable of interest.