I would like an idea of ​​costs and feasibility for a system of 4 cages each high 2 m long and 10 wide 4 where they will host wild quail and within each house would need a high shelter about 80 cm 2 m wide and 1 m deep.
Since they are open to external base you need a network of about 40-50 cm on the ground for anti digs fox.
You are able to produce cages of these measures? Also for mounting come on site or you do it yourself?

Quote for wooden cages - aviaries which house wild quail:
external measures aviary: 10 Mt. (length) X 4 Mt (width) X 2 M. (height).
Structure with sleepers and wooden panels of excellent choice fir with electro welded-mesh network.
Gate 160 Cm access. X 80 Cm. (Width), equipped with a closing bolt fitting for a padlock (not included).
Roof with sleepers and galvanized mesh panels.
Bottomless (to be placed directly on the ground).
On the whole outer perimeter is provided with a wooden block of about 10 Cm. wide and 2 cm. thick to level the aviary in accommodation and prevent entry of predators.
It is provided a network galvanized flap to be fixed to the bottom perimeter horizontally towards the inside of the aviary or vertically under the structure (prior excavation) to prevent the intrusion of foxes or other predator able to dig.
Wood treatment with impregnating protective wax (dark walnut color or transparent) to withstand the elements.
N. 4 pieces 2.199 € Cad.

Admission to 20 mm thick with external dimensions of 200 cm spruce. (Width) X 100 Cm. (Depth) x 80 Cm. (Max height) X 60 Cm. (Min.)
natural wood sunroof (openable for cleaning), to a pronounced sloping to quickly evacuate water and snow and with protrusion of approximately 5% on the whole perimeter to repair the walls from the side rain.
Bottomless (to be placed directly on the ground).
Double front access port of about 20 Cm. X 20 Cm. for the entry and exit of quail.
Wood treatment with impregnating protective wax (dark walnut color or transparent) for reistere weatherproof.
N. 4 pieces to 328 € Cad.

The pieces will be assembled by us before shipment for verification of product quality and ease of assembly, we will then be disassembled, packed and shipped (with enclosed assembly instructions).

If the mount request with our technical, consider an amount of 500 € per day (without food, lodging and travel expenses), whereas the work can be completed in about two days of work by one of our technicians with the assistance of at least 1 person fixed aid by the customer.

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