Hello, from the pictures I can not see the nest with the egg collection system. I can not even figure out where are collected the manure of chickens when they are perched in the closed part of the henhouse. And 'possible to have more photos that illustrate the two situations? For this chicken coop (the FRESCOVO) also spoken of "anti-predatory kit" but I see him I described it illustrated in any section of the site. I'm wrong? You do know what is it?

I'm looking at all the pictures submitted for the FRESCOVO henhouse. Selecting the color DARK WALNUT (price EUR 346.72) the last 4 photos among the 16 present showing a chicken coop with fence and outside the nest that's just what I'm looking for but which is' different from FRESCOVO model presented in the other photos. If you confirm me the published price (EURO 346.72) I buy it immediately ;-) Joking aside from four photos present seems a model EGG but complete with fence ... What would it cost the XXS with a fence 1.5 meters. ? It may be okay for 3 hens? How much is there an extension of 1 mt. of the fence? Last question: would it be possible to apply an external nest at FRESCOVO henhouse? At what cost? Thanks for letting me know.

Telephone conversation to clarify the first doubts and highlight the customer's needs in order to formulate an appropriate quote.
In reference to our telephone conversation, I would like to present our offer for the supply of:
HEN WOOD "TYPE EGG" WITH WOOD 20 mm THICK and overall measurements of 100 Cm. (Width) X 50 Cm. (Depth) X 100 Cm. (Height) for up to 3 chickens with pedestal H = 50 cm. and consists of:
- External double nest with egg storage system out of reach of the hens ( "type nest GRANDOVO) and external collection of the chicken coop
- Removable fence (to be placed on the ground) in wood and 100 cm galvanized mesh. (Width) X 200 Cm. (Length) X 100 Cm. (Height) complete with door and lock (lock not included)
- Two drinking bottle with wooden support to be located inside the enclosure;
- Anti-mouse automatic feeder "type GAYA" increased to ensure food during 7 days
- Bath dry sand ready for attachment to the henhouse
I am attaching photos of a similar realization.

Conditions of Sale
- Impregnating protective dark walnut color (such as photos) or transparent (clear)  € 366 + VAT
- Non-toxic coating of water-based (various colors)  € 407 + VAT
Transport (excluding islands):
- Delivery within 15 days about 30 €
- Delivery within 30 days about 15 €
- Free shipping within 45 days
Payment: the order by bank transfer (-1%) or Paypal
Validity: until 30/09/2015