It would be also possible to mount this doghouse insulation boards?
If it would cost what?
We can mount the insulation panels on all of our kennels, including HERA model TRIS for three dogs.
I take the question to provide additional information that may be of interest to:
- Wood is a material that offers a high thermal insulation, also our kennels are built with quality spruce with a minimum thickness of 20 mm, which is twice the most kennels import that can be found on the market;
- If you have special needs to repair from intense cold dogs suggest you consider installing garage doors (like our door BIDI) doors or pull-down (like our model Ezia) and choose the size of the house properly to have a better result on the heat containment inside the kennel;

With regard to the price of the insulating panels, it depends on the size of the nest and the type of panel that wants to apply.
I can give you directions to orient:
- 10 mm insulation kit from € 41 marine plywood for the smallest model (MINI - XXS) to 235 € for the larger model (MAXI - XXL)
- 20 mm insulation kit marine plywood from € 47 for the smallest model (MINI - XXS) to 338 € for the larger model (MAXI - XXL)
- 30 mm insulation kit consists of one panel with polystyrene sheet of 20 mm plus a coating bead fir 10 mm thick by € 68 for the smallest model (MINI - XXS) to 456 € for the model large (MAXI - XXL).
- We recommend to order the type of insulation along the kennel so that we can already mount the panels on the structure (no extra charge) and provide the product pre-assembled.