I would need a formal request for quote for breeding chickens funding.
I'm thinking about opening a small chicken farm and / or chickens on the ground and I have confirmed the possibility of obtaining contributions but I must submit official bids for equipment and goods necessary to carry out the activity.
You can have formal quotations for the supply of your chicken coops and complete conditions of sale?
Yes, we can do a quote (as a facsimile that is attached) for the supply of poultry houses with the following considerations:
- We can not send an offer generic for all our chicken coop and accessories for raising chickens and hens so please previously defined its needs (nº of animals to breed, type of culture required nº chicken coops, etc.);
- We recommend that you inquire about the timing in granting assistance as our estimates generally have a maximum validity of 30 days since the listing of the wood varies periodically;
- Our products are suitable only for breeding ground for laying hens or chickens free-range and therefore do not have equipment and solutions for factory farming;
- If you want to open a poultry farm it is advisable to previously prepare a business plan like any other business;
- Carefully assess the facilities with the respective limitations and conditions laid down in order to avoid the failure to grant the aid;
- Consider that we carry a maximum of three estimates for each applicant within a year.
If in doubt contact our sales office.