Question: Hello, I would use the chest for containers of recycling. I put it in a covered loggia therefore not in direct contact with the elements, but still outside. And 'possible or it is for the exclusive use inside? Thank you.

If the system the chest in a sheltered from the rain area there are no problems, can use it safely.
Nevertheless take this opportunity to advise a specific product, more rustic, we have on offer only because we have to realize the photos for the site:
Meanwhile, thanks for the reply rather than immediate.
It would be a very interesting product, is that in fact there are no images on the site ... he can not girarmene even a "non-official"? How aesthetic I really like the rough wood of the chest. The rustic style to which it refers is that?
The dimensions?
I should let us stay 4 containers with dimensions: h under 60 cm, the largest side of the other two containers is 40x40 38x36, the last under 35 side.
I wait for her to proceed on the product that best suits my needs.

The rustic style refers to the wood with dark walnut stain treatment, to give an idea I send two pages to differentiate colors:
Unfortunately we do not have the photos so she chooses the product they prefer but I send a quotation for the chest to measure 120 cm long x 42 cm. (Internal width) X 60 cm height of about 40 cm independent lids with hinges.

Good evening, so we decided the chest length 120 cm X 42 cm. (Internal width) X 60 cm height of about 40 cm independent hinged lids with dark walnut stain color, shipment within 45gg.
Payment by bank transfer
My client number is ..... and I registered the name ........
I wait for her to proceed,
P.S. I enrolled in the newsletter but I imagine it has to wait for the monthly mailing to receive the coupon .. :-)

OK thank you very much. I post the order and send confirmation.