Good morning, given the approach of winter I would need for a waif of a kennel resistant to frost and bad weather to be able to stand on the balcony without being subjected to cold during the night or when we are at work.
I require no special frills, the design in its simplicity is optimal but it must be insulated and durable and allows to insert into two bowls with food and water and a basket with a blanket to keep him warm.
I hope I can find the best economic compromise in order to benefit of your service, otherwise I will be forced to give it away, thank you.
Question: I have to mount it me or send me already assembled?

Hello and thank you to write us!
I send immediately the estimate based on the size which indicated the contact form and add the shipping charges for the product supplied already mounted so it can evaluate whether to purchase the dismantled house (that comes packed with screws and instructions, assembly is simple) or already assembled and ready to be used.