Good morning, I have called for this morning to inquire about the size of kennels HERA BIS, I had doubts about the size of the inputs. After several dog kennels measurements and I, we noted that the large extent would be immense for both dogs. ... Basically having the dogs say "chubby" I'm afraid that the size of the mid-size doors are too small, I ask you to do the doors as if it were a kennel large, then higher and wider. The paranoia is born because if I buy a kennel in which then I did not come because just physically can not.... to me it would be difficult to go to sleep.... what would I do?
Sorry for the insistence.... I entrust myself to you, if you think the size is excessive do the right thing, I did not realize the practical consequences and useful for the changing size, if you think 44 X 22 is too much for the kennel, it's OK a middle ground between the mid-size and one large, long as it is higher than 36.
I hope not to have too messed up ideas ....

Hello and thank you to write us!
We have taken note of its indications and we have put them in the order confirmation so that they reach production.
You will receive shortly a new confirmation with his notes, reassuring her that changing the size of the house entrances for dogs are not expected to price supplements.