Henhouse assembled last Saturday successfully and without particular difficulties.
Only one problem with the opening mechanism of the anti-mouse manger who, having used self-tapping screws do not tighten (otherwise it would not open more), after twenty openings were unscrewed, leaving the poor to dry beak hens.
Fortunately this morning I went to the Island and I found out otherwise on Saturday found chickens of starvation :-(
In any case, I will resolve it with bolts passing stopped by double nut.
Overall I'm still happy with the purchase enough to claim your discount coupon that you sent me to order another full meter (2 sides + top) fence.
In fact with only 2 meters the fence a little 'I feel too cramped for 2 hens .... or maybe I just wish that these beasts were the best we can!
I do know the total discounted cost, and if you by chance already 'ready?

Perfect then if he sends me photos I make a special price for the extension kit for fence of the henhouse in Bisboccia model wooden (2 side panels + 1 top panel) 100 cm X 100 cm X 100 cm (H) about (measures to be confirmed by phone with the production).