I want to know if the wooden kennel for cats Outdoor ciccio has the door that closes leaving no cracks, and if you can insulate the doghouse with visas panels on Vs. site. So I would like to know the price on the model small and if you can send me attached. Thank you. Best regards.

In reference to the lodge for CICCIO model cats, I confirm that comes with overhead door that still leaves a gap around the entire perimeter to allow the oscillation of the door and air circulation inside the doghouse, otherwise the cat would suffocate. In addition, the standard kennel is supplied with an air intake for improved ventilation but that, if you prefer, we can not achieve.

As it regards the insulation can provide a pre kit installed inside of the walls in the OSB from 20 mm thick (thus arriving at a total thickness of 30 mm) walls.

To know the total price should put in shopping cart the kennel model CICCIO SMALL and the insulation kit SMALL (00037-0003 Code) and follow the instructions.

As regards the montagggio can choose the delivery option "shipping and assembly."

As for the payment terms you can choose one of the options.