Organically farmed Muscovy ducks
Equipment needed:
- Box henhouse
- A fence porch
- Extensions fence
- racks
- Mangers
- Troughs
The Muscovy duck is a farm animal greatly appreciated, mainly for its delicious meat.
This guide will explain how to raise ducks for their own consumption, according to the biological method extensively , where duck farming spend most of their lives grazing outdoors.
The breeding Muscovy ducks require a little effort and perseverance but produce satisfaction and especially good organic meat , which is essential for a healthy diet and in the maximum food safety.
Appreciable , though not excessive , the production of eggs (very nutrive ) and feathers (to fill textures craft) .
Another important aspect is the cost savings , the purchase of the flesh.
The breeding ground is extensively practiced for a long time in the courtyard of the farmhouses .
 The mixed pasture with other animals such as chickens, hens , geese, turkeys , rabbits, pigs, goats , etc. . is recommended as it optimizes the use of resources and space available, which are not always reach too high density of animals .
For each adult Muscovy , the surface of pasture available must be at least 20 square meters and , when locked , it is recommended not to exceed 2-3 ducks for each square meter of cage or fence.
Among the farmyard ducks race that we have chosen is durable, productive meat and quiet (for this is called " Muscovy ") .
To begin the breeding ducks is necessary to prepare and organize everything you need with people who could replace us in case of need .
Throughout the cycle of breeding animals must have unlimited access to fresh water and should be treated with care, hygiene and attention.
You can buy fertilized duck eggs to be incubated ducklings but we recommend buying at least 2 days of life by friends , breeders or local shopkeepers .
The ducklings should be placed immediately in the box that has been set up with a litter of natural sawdust on which will be placed also the drinking and feeding troughs .
The temperature is an essential element for survival, growth and the approval of the birds.
During the first 10 days of life is essential for the survival of ducklings hold at least 30 º C ,
also you should not drop below 25 º C until the ducklings have more than one month.
If necessary, you can place a lamp or other safe heating system .
The temperature is adequate when the ducklings are distributed evenly across the box (if they are grouped too cold and if you move away from the heat source means that it's too hot) .
Consider possible deaths, especially for the first experiences of breeding. With practice you will come to a mortality rate of almost zero .
The feeding of ducklings in box consists in particular feed cereal-based bio shredded fine , administered at will in the respective feeders .
The feed can be easily purchased in shops or consortia of land, making sure that the mixture comes from organic farming.
From the three weeks we can transfer the little ducks in the chicken coop with fence attached where they will remain closed for at least one week so that they can get used to their new home .
From this period the diet of ducks can be supplemented with fresh vegetables and soaked flour or mash .
Use specific bio feed of growth, can be purchased from local retailers .
From the 4th week during the day goes open the door of the enclosure so that the Muscovy ducks are free to graze and feed on herbs, vegetables , seeds, insects, worms , and / or fruit fall from trees.
The presence of ponds, lakes or streams in the area of pasture is a positive though not essential .
During this period, the feed is administered in the morning only in such quantity that the mangers prove empty in the late morning .
 The racks can instead be filled with grass and fresh vegetables to taste.
The diet can be supplemented with kitchen scraps (pasta, vegetable mash, etc.) And soaked (mash) made of semolina and / or soup with dry bread .
Avoid leaving the feeders filled because they attract mice and other rodents and remember to close the door of the house with all the ducks inside at night to avoid the intrusion of predators.
From the 12th week the ducks have reached a good weight and it will be easy to distinguish males from females .
The males of Muscovy ducks are much more showy and larger than females.
In this period it will be appropriate to select any players (at least one male every 4/5 females) from the rest of ducks to be sacrificed instead not before the 16th week of life and with weights of at least 2 kg and 3.5 kg for females for males.
This system of organic farming is sustainable over time and ensures a constant flow of meat, eggs, and feathers.
We recommend that you renew every duck with more than 3 years and fertilized eggs interchange with other breeders to reduce inbreeding breeding.
FARMAKER promotes environmentally sustainable farms in respect of animal welfare and rejects forms of intensive farming. It is recommended comply with any regulations.
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