How to build a chicken coop.
The construction of a chicken coop for chickens is not as simple as you think but if you want to try, in this brief guide you will find some useful information .
The construction of a DIY chicken coop , starts from the breeding project that you think achieve.
First of all you have to answer the following questions:
Why I want to raise chickens ?
How many chickens I want and I can breed?
I have enough space for the hens ?
I will be constant in the care of the chickens?
Is there anyone who could replace me to feed the chickens?
There are rules and regulations which must be complied ?
The design of a chicken coop for 4-5 hens begins with the construction of an enclosed wood, concrete , metal or other material strong enough and that guarantees to keep the inside of the chicken coop always dry even in rain, snow and hail.
Consider that the hen house is the abode of the hens only during the night and in spawning as the day must be left in a suitable enclosure attached to or released to pasture.
The structure must be ventilated to ensure a dry and comfortable and protect the hens from disease.
The chicken coop must be equipped with arms raised to support at least 20 cm from the ground where the hens will be positioned during the night.
The area reserved for each hen will be 20/25 cm rod , also called " destena ."
The area under the rods must be easily cleanable as generally collects the most amount of excrement.
The nest can be implemented as a small box without sides of at least 30 x 30 cm and is positioned in a corner by filling it with a bit of straw or hay.
Prevent hens rest upon those who would defecate in the nest over the eggs .
Search the nest to kept clean at all times with at least one egg (appropriately identified ) that is called "nidale" and serves to indicate the hen the deposition zone.
Wineskin as already mentioned, please refer to seguienti aspects :
- Feeding and watering troughs should be positioned out of the henhouse;
- The chicken coop must withstand possible intrusion of predators such as foxes, weasels, wild cats and dogs, etc.
- The chicken coop must be designed for quick cleaning;
- Egg collection should be simple and practical;
If it takes too much effort to build the chicken coop, you can purchase one of our standard models or Contact us for a tailored solution .