In the breeding of chickens recreational purposes it is necessary to protect the hen house from predators such as foxes and weasels.
These omnivorous mammals are specialized in raiding poultry , especially during the night.
To protect our animals is implemented proactively with different elements:
- The permanent presence of a guard dog in close proximity to the chicken coop (and / or grazing areas) is a traditional remedy and very effective. Predators are frightened by the presence of the dog , so do not approach the henhouse.
- The use of traps for catching predators is a practice that can be used if not contrary to local regulations.
- Anti intrusion structures. This is primarily to keep the hens in shelters , chicken coops and fences that prevent the entry of predators. FARMAKER produces robust structures with welded mesh and tools resistant to predators. You can also install accessories, such as bars that sting and anti tipping small cages.
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