Guide to pet rabbit
The rabbit is becoming more and more as a pet for its social and affectionate , is already present in several families everywhere.
Like other pets, the decision to acquire or adopt a rabbit should be taken with reflection and awareness.
Consider that the rabbit should be fed every day and that requires a more or less high throughout his life.
A rabbit can live up to 10 years.
There are various breeds of pet rabbits including widespread is the dwarf rabbit lion , because of its small size and its nice appearance .
Once you have chosen the breed of rabbit, these can be purchased in a store, animal shelter or from someone you know .
There are also associations that can provide additional information on the availability and care of this cute little animal .
The space available to the rabbit must be the maximum possible.
Do not keep your rabbit in a cage all day.
The more time passes out of the cage exploring and poking around the rabbit will be more social and interactive with people and animals.
If left free will also be less destructive elements of the house.
The rabbit hutch is an essential element to maintain the rabbit locked when needed.
If we let the rabbit free outdoor we need to ensure the absence of predators or other animals that might attack him well and ensure the perimeter so it can not escape.
There are pens for rabbits garden very large and modular that are suitable .
We try to create a comfortable, safe and enjoyable for the rabbit , adding accessories to the cage or enclosure .
Pay attention to the presence of electrical cables and poisonous plants accessible to the rabbit.
Do not use the cat litter and may be used a litter of sawdust and chips , straw or pellets.
If possible, we recommend the sterilization of the rabbit as a rabbit neutered less dirty in the house, it is much more docile and quiet , is not subject to tumors in the reproductive organs and in addition prevents the reproduction (in the case of living with various rabbits).
The approach of children with rabbits apartment must be something different from the game as it is a living being and should be treated gently (do not get the rabbit by the ears or let it fall apart) .
As for the rest of the pets here too it comes to education for coexistence should be avoided and the coexistence of rabbits from home with natural predators such as dogs , ferrets , birds of prey , etc. .
The rabbit's diet is vegetarian .
The rabbit is a herbivorous animal that is fed with hay , vegetables and other foods rich in fiber every day.
In the market it is easy to find specific feed for rabbits although we recommend a daily supplement the diet of the rabbit with grass, vegetables and leafy vegetables.
Occasionally you can add fruit in the feeding of rabbits. Avoid giving feed of grains , bread, biscuits , chocolate, legumes, potatoes sweets and yogurt.
The igiente and rabbit care does not require much effort .
The rabbit is a very clean animal for which we must be concerned primarily to change the litter and clean the accessories ( mangers, drinkable , games, etc. . ) With hot water, avoiding the use of chemicals.