The bat is still considered by many people an animal repellent or scary, mainly due to the legends of vampires. 
Despite these misgivings, people start to exploit this small and harmless mammal, for the benefits it brings to our ecosystem (especially for the control function of nocturnal insects). 
The common bats feed primarily on flying insects including night there are the pesky mosquitoes. 
A single bat during a night can be able to exterminate more than 2000 mosquitoes. 
The presence of this animal close to our relaxation area (on the terrace or garden) can provide us with a practical remedy, eco-friendly and no charge against mosquitoes. 
Install the batbox given the proximity of our home does not guarantee a safe colonization, however, according to our installation recommendations, will be more likely to have colonized bat boxes. 
If you install the houses for bats can reduce or eliminate other methods against mosquitoes much more expensive, harmful to the environment and / or require dedication. 
The bat (without disturbing) he devoted himself during most of the night to feed on mosquitoes and other nocturnal insects. 
At dawn the bat is part of the batbox to spend all day resting and going out again to hunt for mosquitoes at sunset. 
See our models of houses for bats!