Hydroponic cultivation of vegetables and vegetables

The hydroponics or aquaponics is a type of non-conventional cultivation where the plants are grown in the absence of ground, using as sustrato expanded clay or other inert materials. The plant needs to grow water enriched with nutrients and light for photosynthesis. In traditional crops, the soil of the earth serves to anchor the plants and provide the necessary nutrients for growth. In hydroponics nutrients are dissolved in the water, in a closed system, is circulated at regular intervals in the vessels of coltizazione. The roots of the seedlings should not be maintained constantly need to be provided with water and the media, or adequate supports for plants. To achieve hydroponics you must have:

1) pots for growing seedlings accommodation

2) Supporting the growth of the seedlings

3) expanded clay or other porous material and inert To fill the various

4) channeling of closed-loop system for irrigation

5) Deposit with oxygenator and recirculating pump

6) Timer on / off pump

7) Solutions natural nutrients for plants or aquaculture *

* The nutrient solutions can be replaced by a system of aquaculture extension where the plants feed on the emissions of the fish and ensure water filter for a new entry in the breeding tank fish creating an integrated system where the fish, making their nourishment in fertilizer for the plants and the latter shall keep the water clean.