In this guide, we'll discuss some aspects that are useful for cutting grass in the garden.

To cut the grass in the garden should be set up necessary equipment , lawn mower , trimmer , rake, bag , and elements of protection and safety mask, goggles , gloves, caps and hat.
It is appropriate to wear appropriate clothing , pants and long-sleeved shirt and closed shoes.
Cutting grass in the garden to be achieved by the dry soil, preferably during the hottest hours of the day , providing adequately protect themselves from sun exposure .
Between a cut and the other two , it is advisable to prevent the grass exceed 10 cm in height , otherwise it would be difficult to cut.
The equipment to be used depends mainly on the size and morphology of the area to be mowed .
The wire brush cutter is recommended for cutting grass on uneven ground or difficult to reach with traditional mowers , as well as to define specific areas such as flower beds , borders or walls.
If you are in the meadow shrubs, flowers or other small plants that claims to protect , care must be taken not to cut them by mistake , you can erradicare hand the grass around the plants to keep or use of respiratory protection .
Once you have finished cutting the grass , remember to remove the protective elements used .
The clippings are collected in a container of mower, to be emptied before it fills completely .
The grass clippings left on the lawn and should be collected with a rake so that the soil takes air .
If the soil is very poor in organic matter , it is advisable not collect the clippings .
The grass collection, if completely devoid of objects or contaminants can be used to feed animals , otherwise it can be used for the production of compost , placing it in a special compost together with other organic waste of the house .
Once you have finished cutting tools must be cleaned and put away in their location, ready to be used for the next cut.
An alternative method and environmentally friendly way to always have a beautiful lawn in the garden is to use the herbivores such as goats or sheep to eat the grass in the garden.
The animals are delimited in the area where the grass is cut , and this system is very useful for maintaining large gardens, parks and forests .
Among the main advantages we can indicate that it is a method totally ecological , the cut grass is reused for animal feed and the animals proceed to a natural fertilization of the soil.
Among the main drawbacks possimo indicate :
- Difficulty to keep animals in the area to be cut ;
- Cutting non-selective ( plants that can be eaten even a desire to protect )
- Excrement in the meadow.