How to create a garden on the terrace
This guide will explain how to make a vegetable garden on the balcony.
To make a vegetable garden at home does not need a lot of space.
You can build a vegetable garden on the terrace cultivation of using tables in various sizes and models .
Grow vegetables at home is a pleasant and relaxing activity , which also provides us with healthy and fresh organic food .
Supplement their diet with self-produced vegetables is a convenient way to save money and eat healthy .
The productions that you can get from small gardens in the balcony are high , as long as you have situations that might give .
The cultivation of a small vegetable garden does not require much effort or dedication .
The most important elements for cultivation are the light and the water, which must never fail, without going beyond the specific needs of each plant.
If we plant the seeds, bulbs or plants in their packaging are increasingly shows signs of cultivation.
For the choice of plants to cultivate necessary to consider the exposure to sun, wind and other atmospheric phenomena.
The average temperature and altitude will be other conditioning elements for the construction of a garden on the balcony .
In pots on the balcony garden can grow most vegetables , vegetables , herbs and small fruit bushes .
Among the aromatic plants can easily grow : basil, parsley , mint, sage , rosemary, lavender , oregano, thyme , chamomile and many others.
The vegetables that we grow in our garden on a balcony can be classified in:
- Fruiting vegetables like cucumber , zucchini , pumpkin, pepper, eggplant , tomatoes, etc. ,
- Vegetables such as artichoke flower , cauliflower, broccoli , asparagus , etc. ,
- Vegetables from seeds (legumes ) such as fava , pea , bean, chickpea , lupine, etc. .
- Leafy vegetables such as lettuce , radicchio, endive , spinach , kale, chard , etc. ,
- Stem vegetables such as celery , fennel, thistle , etc. ,
- Root vegetables such as radish, carrot , beetroot , turnip , etc. ,
- Vegetables such as potato tuber , etc. . ,
- Bulb vegetables : onion, garlic, shallot , leek, onion, etc. .
The size of the bench cultivation depends on the space available , however, can also be used solutions vertical wall , combined with traditional garden benches .
We recommend the mixed cultivations , mainly in arranging the vegetables according to their needs water and sun .
In addition to absorbing all the nutrients and water, the various plants defend themselves from each other from pests and harmful insects .
The most active period for the gardens on the balcony goes from spring to autumn depending on the geographical areas .
However, if properly equipped with protective accessories such as urban greenhouses , we can grow almost anything, during most of the year .
A key aspect is the growing crop rotation which is also made ??for the garden on the balcony , prevents soil depletion and therefore promotes greater production of vegetables in a natural way .
For vegetables climbing is necessary to fix the poles or a network drive that supports plant growth and keep the fruit or seed away from the ground.
We recommend replacing the use of herbicides and other chemicals with the promiscuity of cultivation , constant maintenance and other traditional remedies or organic.
The use of chemical fertilizers can be replaced by the use of self-produced compost and animal dung .
For the sustrato you can buy compost universal low cost at any gardening shop , where they can also be found :
? seeds, bulbs and seedlings,
? recess for quarrying ,
? watering can
Optionally you can buy support poles and twine to attach the vines , along with other useful but not essential .
A vegetable garden in the balcony requires regular watering and the absence of areas of stagnant water in the pot garden that make the roots rot andthe cultivation .
The satisfaction you get when harvesting vegetables , to savor the flavor in our recipes .
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