The truffle hunting with dog
The truffle hunting for consumption or sale business is a well- integrated into a self-sufficient life, where it is feasible.
The truffle hunting is carried out with trained dogs in the woods or fields where it proliferates truffles, during scheduled periods.
What do I need to collect truffles?
1) trained dog,
2) permit in good standing (if applicable),
3) tool for digging (spade),
4) knowledge of the area,
5) clothes adequate,
You can buy a truffle dog already trained or entrust their puppy to a professional trainer.
The training phase begins with puppies at least 3 months and not more than one year of age.
All dogs are suitable for truffle hunting even if the Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed specifically for this activity.
We can also train a puppy, adopting it in some shelter or kennel (so also doing a good deed).
The qualities of smell and perseverance are the most important for a good truffle dog.
Once trained truffle dog, this acquires a market value according to his ability and experience.
Indeed, as in many activities, how many more hours of searching for truffles are made, more capacity and enhance the value of the truffle dog.
The quantity and quality of the truffles is determined mainly by the climatology, especially the amount of snow that fell during the winter and rain in summer envisaged the truffle season.
The lunar cycle affects formation of the nose being the phase of the new moon, generally, the more favorable the collection truffles.
For those who never achieved the business of searching for truffles recommend realize a phase of mentoring with an experienced researcher to acquire the basics of this activity individually and then perfect it with practice.
The search starts moving with the dog in places of collection and prodding the dog to sniff the ground in search of truffles.
Once the truffle dog will begin to dig and at this time it is important to position itself near the dog to stop it as soon as you can not see the tuber , so that will not be ruined during the excavation.
Attention also to prevent the dog eat the truffle identified.
With part of the nose to the view (still underground) must be cleaned by hand the outline and determine their size.
Then you can make use of the spade to lift the nose with the respective lump of earth, providing clean the waste ground with his hand.
Then can be inserted into the pocket of his jacket, with caution
It then proceeds to reward the dog with a caress and a tasty treat.
The excavation should be closed carefully, compacting the earth extracted.