The choice of a kennel for your dog is an important decision.
In this guide we will explain how to choose a suitable kennel for your dog.
First of all we must consider that the kennel for the dog, it's like the house for people, so it must be comfortable and convenient.
Among the most important aspects to choose the perfect dog bed for your dog, you should consider several aspects:
The dog must be able to move around and lie down inside, assuming various positions in comfort. A correct size favors an ideal temperature inside the doghouse during cold periods . For the inner surface of the nest (width x length) measures shall be taken of the adult dog lying on the ground while sleeping in the most natural way possible. For the choice of the inside height necessary to measure the height of the dog skull down to the ground . The door can be must allow an easy passage for the dog , but should not be too large .
The kennel must ensure a good thermal insulation so that the inside is kept at a comfortable temperature for your dog, both in the colder it is in the warmer periods. Wood is a material traditionally environmentally friendly and which provides a high thermal insulation. The kennel must prevent rising moisture from the soil and protect the dog from adverse weather conditions. For the harshest climates you can install a door ( while maintaining adequate ventilation ) and an insulation kit.
The structure must have a design appropriate to the dog's mobility and must be free of roughness and other hazardous or uncomfortable for the dog. On the bottom place a pillow or soft pad to protect the parts of the dog upon which the weight of the body during sleep.
The kennel must be built to last and withstand adverse weather conditions like water , hail , snow, wind and sun exposure constant . The materials used must withstand the attacks of parasites.
The materials used in construction must be harmless to the health of your dog. It is possible that your dog bites the kennel in certain situations (as a puppy, stress, lack of exercise, etc.) so we need to prevent parties ingested prove harmful or fatal to your dog. The kennel must also be free of elements stinging, cutting, and / or potentially dangerous for the dog.
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