This guide to build the kennel for the dog , can provide tips to achieve a kennel do it yourself, for your four-legged friend.
The Dog Houses must be resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and wind.
For the choice of material you need to use products with good thermal insulation y great resistance.
Thermal insulation is important to keep your dog cool in the hottest periods and maintain a comfortable temperature in winter.
Wood is an ideal material for the construction of a kennel for dogs, the little house for your best friend, can also be achieved with bricks and / or concrete.
An important aspect is the correct sizing of the kennel.
A kennel too small is uncomfortable for your dog.
A kennel too big, disperses body heat during the coldest periods.
The ideal size of the nest depends on the size and breed of your dog.
The kennel must be easy to clean, can be viable or opened;
The base has to be lifted off the ground to keep the inside dry.
On the bottom of the kennel shall be provided a blanket or comfortable for the dog and cat litter that provides a new insulation from the ground.
In case of extreme temperatures, it is recommended to install an insulation kit and a door to the kennel.
The kennel, if possible, must be stored in a safe location, avoiding sun exposure constant.
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